The Child Plan Academy is run and owned by the SOCIETY FOR SERVING HUMANITY TRUST, NAMAKKAL.

TCA is a new generation educational institution started with a strong conviction of inculcating the power of knowledge and to explore the innate potentials of young minds. The ChildPlan Academy is located at the foot of Nainamalai which is 15Km away from Namakkal. TCA is spread over a pristine lush green Natural Environment.


To Produce and Provide an Excellent and Quality Base for a scholastic and overall improvement of its inmates.


To provide Quality Education to all children at an affordable cost.

The ChildPlan Academy

At The ChildPlan Academy, School education is redefined, we do not just impart knowledge but provide holistic education which enables a child to think, create and construct knowledge. In the face of intense global and technological transformation, we are aware of the fact that children today cannot afford to be bookworms and behave like herds but should learn to question, reason and follow their dreams. Here we equip children with a wide range of knowledge, varied skills and human values to succeed with dignity. We lay equal emphasis on academic excellence coupled with all round development which includes a broad and global outlook.

We firmly believe that each child is a unique creation of the divine force and we endeavor to unveil the spark of genius in them. We treat our students with love and respect and facilitate their growth as joyfully as the gardener tends each plant in his garden.

It is a well known fact that as one grows and looks back; one appreciates brilliant teachers but is filled with gratitude for those teachers who touched their human feelings. Hence through teaching and care our teachers awaken the joy of creative expression dormant in every child. Today’s digital world calls for innovation, experimentation, creation and imagination and these traits are the hallmarks of our education.

At our school, students are guided not only to excel professionally but also to be honest and loyal citizens of this great country. I feel proud of the fact that ChildPlan Academy School seeks to produce global citizens for a greater tomorrow.

- The Principal

Chairman Message

Dr. A. Britto Selvaraj

Dear Parents and Students,
Hearty Greetings and Best Wishes to Everyone.

I am extremely happy to share some of my ideologies through this page. As a person hailing from a peasant family, I have experienced the difficulties of a common man. I know the basic needs of men and the difficulties endured by the under-privileged and down trodden. I do strongly believe that Education is the only weapon which can pave the way for such people to uplift themselves.

To therefore enable every child to get good Education , I started The ChildPlan Academy(TCA) at Namakkal in 2013.Through this institution, I have aimed at teaching patriotism, Honesty, Sincerity and devotion to duty. We should worship work, irrespective of its kind.

- Signature